Thursday, February 6, 2014

Search for a home

Just a bit of background...

In January 2013, we explored the possibility of building a Ryan home in our current city, but no basement homes due to city codes. Aaargh!! DH is firmly set on having a basement in our next home. We found out that RH was building basement homes in a great community about 45 minutes away from our place. Naah, that is farther than we'd hoped for.  Plus, we love love our current home. It is updated and is a good fit for our family of 3. However, when friends and family come over or when DS plays indoor soccer in the living room/great room (lol), I always wished I had more space.

A year later, January 2014, we finally caved in and visited the 45-min drive RH community. Two weeks later and numerous back and forth call/email with our SR, we signed the contract. It's official! We will have more space by early Summer 2014! The Palermo we will build is double the square footage of our current home (that's not even including the basement when we finish it).

Our first home? We still love it so we'll try to keep it too as a rental property. Looking for possible tenants...


  1. Allstar, welcome aboard! Blogging I think really helped me throughout my journey and still does. I will make sure to follow you :) Keep us updated.

  2. Thank you so much. I have learned a lot from helpful blogs such as yours.