3D Rendering Of Our Palermo

Hubby made a 3D model of our house. Let's see how close this will be to the finished product :) Here are some pics.
Front showing Savannah moss bricks, black shutters and door.

3-car side garage

Right side of the house showing pebble clay siding. I should've added more windows to this side. That single window looks so lonely :(
Rear of the house showing morning room with planned deck. No fireplace means no vent/bump on the deck (between the two windows). Note that the standard basement exit in the plan is located at the rear of the house (rear of morning room and would extend to where the deck stairs are shown in this picture) and not as shown.

left side/rear aerial shot showing the basement exit that we requested (non-standard).

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  1. This is so cool! What program did you use to do this?