Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Non-standard requests update

We heard back from our SR that all our non-standard requests found here have been approved so I have updated that page to reflect the associated costs with these non-standard requests. We were not happy with the price for the conduit from the basement to attic. Does $750 for a 2" PVC conduit sound reasonable?


  1. Conduit pricing is fricking crazy!! Hell you could sneak in there and do it yourselves!! thats what so many others on here did, WISH i could have done it but i was chicken poop :) those drywallers will drywall over ANYTHING!! LOL and never ask why!! wish I could go back in time, I would have run ethernet to each room, insulated more, and did the conduit thing you are doing. We actually did do something shady on the side that was a big deal with a contractor on the side and NO ONE ever picked up on it, and they should have. again i should have approached MORE contractors. If you are outgoing like me, talk to the plumbers directly and pay them on the side, they will be more than happy to do it.

    OK.......bad blogger...LOL :) (slap my own hand, actually my head for not doing MORE)

    As far as the egress window....WTH there should not be a charge for that.....hmmmm? there is no extra labor involved.

    I am super glad though that they approved all that for you.

    Oh another thing, if you could, thing about WHERE you want yoru HOSE bibs. Now that should not be an extra charge, and also think about your drop sink and water main shut off in the basement where you want that.

    Can I come be you??? LOL, I would love to build all over again, I really would. I learned so much, I would kick ass the second time.

    1. Yes dwtimes2 please do come and act on my behalf and get all the requests (plus more) for free! :) I'll try to be as outgoing as you are and seek the contractors. I tried doing that with the granite supplier but still did not get the granite that I wanted, said they could not deviate from RH's plan :(

      Regarding putting things in the frames before drywall, don't you think the PM will catch that? The price for the PVC conduit seems really absurd. I did ask my SR for the cost breakdown of the non-standard requests and I'm still waiting to hear back from her. I am not sure what material they will put for soundproofing between the walls so I can't say whether their price of $300 is reasonable or not.

      I will also make sure to think about placement of the hose bibs and lay it out during the pre-construction meeting. Thanks for the tip. We did add a 3-pc bathroom rough-in but I don't think we would have a drop sink in the basement though.