Sunday, February 9, 2014

Options finalized

We met with our SR today to finalize our structural and non-structural options. We also submitted our non-standard requests (we only had 4). It's difficult for DH to get off work so we won't be meeting with the flooring designer until Feb 20th. Our cable selections will be done through email and phone conversations.

I will include a new tab which will list all the options we chose and requests we have submitted. We ended up removing many of our original options in order to accommodate our change from 2-car to 3-car side entry garage. That was an expensive upgrade but hopefully worth it.

We drove around and took a picture of our lot, flanked by future neighbors. No bells and whistles (not lakefront, do not back to woods, not in cul-de-sac), but it is OURS (almost). Feels so real now.

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