Monday, June 2, 2014

Updates and Issues: Three weeks from closing

We are three weeks from closing!!! There are still so many things that have to be done inside the home but PM and PS assured us that we will definitely close on June 24th. We visited the house at least 3 times the past week and here are some photo updates from the past week. The brick facade has been completed. The interior has been drywalled and a first coat of paint has been applied. Our cabinets, sinks, mailbox and interior doors have also arrived and are now in the garage.

The brickwork is complete. All exterior doors and windows installed. The boxes in the front are the pebble clay siding.
I really like the Savannah moss and it's great that even though there are 4 or 5 (?) Palermos on our street (only one with the same elevation as ours), all our Palermos look different from each other and our house is the only one with a full brick facade.

Garage doors are installed!

Goodies in the garage.

Painted walls. Pantry and door to basement.

Plumbing work has also been done in the front of the home. Seems very shallow.

Now here are some issues that we have emailed our PM about:

This is a tube sticking out from the basement floor, in the middle of a future finished space. I thought this was something temporary but it is still there so I would like to know how this is going to be addressed. Also notice that puddle of water behind the tube? Water is dripping from the vent line (i don't know what it's called) in the picture below.

This shouldn't hold water in it, should it?

The picture below shows plumbing lines that were run under the joists, which will be in the way when we finish our basement ceiling. This issue has been raised to my PS before and he said that he will make the plumbers run the lines through the joists, instead of under them. But they still have not fixed these as of yesterday.

The next few pics show gaps between the floor and the walls. These are found in bedroom 3 and the master closet. I am aware that they will be covered in vinyl siding eventually but I think these gaps should still be sealed.

Lastly, not just in the angle in this photo but we looked closely at our kitchen bar and it seems leaning to the right. So we asked our PM to make sure it is straight.

Some other issues that we mentioned to our PM are squeaking windows and floors. Maybe it's too early to complain about these, I don't know. Another disappointment is that I requested our PS several times about extra studs/TV brackets and extra joists under the laundry room. We have been assured multiple times that they will be done but were not and it's too late to do it, so that was really annoying.


  1. Wow. If they've committed to June 24th, I'm sure they'll get it done.... but wow. They are going to have some long days ahead of them.
    Be ready because this is bound to be a major week -- it should really look like a home by Friday!

    1. Yes that's what they said, they are firm on the closing date. It's amazing how fast the crew work. I stopped by again yesterday afternoon and saw that they have almost finished putting the vinyl siding up. They were also working on the cabinets and all the interior doors. So yeah you're right, it seems like they will get it done.

  2. Wow, I swear it seems like you just broke ground!!! We were in the same boat you were 3 weeks out and they even finished early, so I have no doubt they will get it done!

    1. Yeah, time flew by so fast! Now I'm thinking we are not ready yet. We have a whole house to pack!

  3. No worries, i thought the same thing and it all comes together, they really work day and night to get it done, living in our home 1.5 years now we have seen many many houses go up and many workers here at 6am and some here until 11pm, so they will work to get it down.
    As far as the "dont worry we will take care of it" BS ...........worry! your laundry area should have been handled! That's BS. We had to ride our people like Zoro! Par for the course. If we all could build another home oh the things we learned out our first one. :)

    1. Thanks DW! We stopped by last week late night around 10pm and saw concrete guys working on our driveway.

      Yeah very disappointed about those promised (in writing) laundry joists and TV studs so I know that I will bring that up when it's time for our survey/rating.