Saturday, June 7, 2014

Update with Exterior pics

First of all, we have a new PM since about 3 days ago. They said our first PM is really busy overseeing so many constructions and cannot devote his full attention to all the details in our home, I guess especially with all the questions and issues we have. (Or maybe he just thinks we are a pain-in-the... ). The new PM said that he will take care of the issues we have raised in my previous post and others that didn't make it to the post. So we will wait for these things to be addressed.

Anyway, some other major things have happened this week. Our house is now covered in vinyl sidings, in fact way too many sidings that an area supposed to be brick was also covered with vinyl sidings. Of course, that will be fixed too. The driveway has been poured, all the shutters and trims were installed. Doors have been painted black, the front brick steps have also been installed. The interior of the home has been painted, all doors have been painted, flooring (except carpet) laid down, cable/phone jacks were installed, balusters are in. All the bathroom vanities and mirrors have been installed and showers have been tiled. The kitchen cabinets were also installed but they took them apart so that they could fix the leaning bar wall mentioned in my previous post.

Here are some pics. I was only able to take pictures of the exterior of the home, forgot to take pics when we were inside.  'Til my next update.

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