Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Update: 6 days from closing (No excitement here)

This photo above perfectly depicts what I feel right now, 6 days from closing. Like there's a big storm cloud hovering over my head. Sorry to be such a damper, I really want to feel excited as we approach closing, but I am just not. At least not totally.

I really do like this photo taken by hubby but that storm caused major panic in my part. Due to lack of proper grading and electricity to power the sump pump, water flooded the stairwell and made its way to the basement. I freaked out (still am) and would like to be assured that our basement won't be flooded in the future. I am not comfortable closing until after a major downpour and the basement remains completely dry, not a single drop of water. Am I being unreasonable?

In other news...
I mentioned in my previous post that half of our driveway had to be torn apart. This happened because they forgot to run electrical wires under it. Good things resulted from this: we got a slighty wider driveway and we were able to run a PVC conduit (for cable lines) under the newly poured concrete.

Half driveway

New driveway

In my other previous post here, I mentioned the tube (water line) sticking out in the middle of the floor of a future finished space in the basement. PM told me that they will dig a trench and pull the line and make it flush to the wall so that the protrusion will be the same as the one in the Palermo model.

Model home basement. Not a very good pic but see the protrusion on the right wall.

Water line sticking out 19 inches from the concrete wall

Yes, they pulled the line, but not all the way. Not happy about this. If you look at the model pic, the bumpout is around 6 inches and ours is about 19 inches, and that's not even including the thickness of the 2x4s and drywall to be used when finishing the wall.

On a brighter note...
I stopped by earlier today and the house is looking great. They are just putting the finishing touches and cleaning crew was also there.  Landscaping has been done and sod is ready to go down. I do not have many interior pictures because the inside was still a mess. PM is working overtime to have the house ready for the Ryan Homes quality inspection tomorrow. We are supposed to have the pre-settlement walkthrough on Friday but PM is requesting to move it to Monday. Then we close on Tuesday.

Here are some exterior pictures taken this week:

We have a willow oak tree in front. This tree will be huuuuge! We might replace it with something else.

Black front door

Side garage with lights on

Some interior pictures taken this week:

GE cooktop on black slate formica

Kitchen mess

Stained balusters and carpeted stairs

Hope to write an update again soon. I'll take more pictures next time. Also, hopefully this apprehension will turn into excitement soon!


  1. So sorry to hear all your troubles. I hope you guys get to look back one day and feel it was all worth it! Quick question, it looks like you had recessed lighting put in your kitchen but they still put in the standard lighting right in the middle of it. Just asking, with our recessed lights, it made the bulky big light go away.

    1. Hi Chrissie. Yeah, this too shall pass :) We did not opt for the recessed lighting package in the kitchen. We kept the standard fluorescent light, which we will replace with pendant lights over our future island.

  2. Sorry to hear about all these problems! I'd be apprehensive too! I'm sure everything will be great and fixed by the time you close! Love your white cabinets and slate countertop in the kitchen btw!

    1. Thanks! The house problems seem never-ending but I am trying my best to see the nice things about the house :)