Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Update: Basement walls and bath rough-in

It's been more than a week since my last post so this update has been long overdue. Here are some photos of last week's progress (April 19-26):

April 19th
Foundation walls. Styrofoam were used to leave space for bricks.

Basement stairwell exit

Basement window

Missing a basement window here.

April 21

Yay the window appeared! Plus spray-on material and 1" geofabric wrap for dampproofing.

Black corrugated pipes (draintiles) also for dampproofing

Garage is partially filled with dirt

April 22nd

Basement is now buried!

Savannah Moss bricks have arrived.

April 24th
Brick return side garage

Front stoop
 April 25th
Plumber testing the sewer ejection system. The other one is the sump pump.

April 26th
Hubby getting exact measurements of pipe locations before concrete is poured.
More plumbing pics

3-pc bath rough in (L-R: sink, toilet and tub)


  1. Your house is coming along great. We are building the same model and are almost exactly on the same timeline as you are. I am completely jealous of your PM though, ours will be barely talk to us every two weeks. Your first floor bedroom and bonus rooms are going to be amazing.

    1. Thanks! Checked your blog and yours is coming along great too. I am so happy to find somebody building a Palermo too. It's nice that you're going to have a finished basement.

      Anyway, our PM and PS are both great. The PS sends me picture updates literally everyday, sometimes several times a day. I ask a lot of questions, worries too much and overthinks everything so we average about 8-10 email exchanges everyday.