Thursday, May 1, 2014

Update: Waiting for slab

It has been raining so construction is a little slow this week:

The county approved the plumbing rough-in on Monday April 28th and therefore slab will be poured in shortly (whenever rain stops). Crew put in 4" of gravel, plastic sheet and steel reinforcements before slab will be poured in.

Basement with bath rough-in ready for concrete slab

In the picture above, the sump pump is the rightmost plumbing fixture. This is not the original location of the sump pump in the floor plan, but PS made a decision to move it here as shown in the pic so that sump pump is not in the way of future finished space. Makes perfect sense to me, but I remembered that there is also a furnace somewhere in that area too. Well, he thought that our furnace will be located in the attic but he will check with PM just to be sure.

We drove by Monday evening to see that our lumber has been delivered and was left uncovered in the rain. Persistent rain (it's been raining for 4 days!) got me concerned about molds and rotting wood so I emailed the PS that I was unhappy that our lumber was left uncovered whereas lumber from other lots were covered with plastic.

Our lumber getting soaked :(

Lumber in the next lot covered in plastic / tarp

PS emailed me Tuesday at 6:30am that our lumber is now covered. He also said that most of the lumber is salt treated and that the sheet or two of plywood that is on the top of the stack is typically thrown away and the rest is just fine. He also reassured me that they conduct mold inspections at 4 different times during construction. Okay.

Our (already soaked) lumber now covered

For Wednesday's update, PS emailed me that plumber had to move the sump pump back in its original floor plan location because in its current location, it would interfere with the HVAC duct work. Tsk tsk tsk.

Sump pump moved to original plan layout

I asked if there's going to be another inspection but PS said that it's unnecessary because only a small portion of the plastic and steel was pulled back. What about the new plumbing work? Hmmm, what do you think? (Update: After telling PS that I won't be happy until the new minor plumbing work is inspected again, he ordered another county inspection for the plumbing, which has been already approved today 5/2.)

This morning, got a pic email of our wet basement.


Hopefully rain stops tomorrow so they could pour the conrete slab and then move on to framing by next week. I also got an email from the PM that we are within 60 days of closing that's tentatively scheduled on June 21st. So I need to start monitoring interest rates as we should be locking soon. I also need to advertise our current home for rental. Oh no where did the time go?

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