Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Permit approval and basement digging

We received an email last Friday (April 4th) from our Project Supervisor (assists the PM) that our building permit has been approved. Yay! We drove by Monday night (April 7th) and saw the approved county permit displayed on our lot.

Approved county permits

Checked the county site and permit is now active (from plan review status), approved FOR FOUNDATION ONLY.  So I guess after building the foundation, there will be another inspection, and another permit approval will be sought.

We took some more pictures as we drove around the neighborhood, which won't stay like this for long as Ryan sold more lots in the new phase.

Driving around

Future common area for lake access

Rear view of houses on our street

The Springhaven to the left of our lot. So much progress! There was nothing on this lot two weeks ago.



The PS also agreed to email us a picture of the daily progress in our lot. That's great since we won't be able to visit the site very often. They started digging for the basement today (Wed, April 9th) and anticipate finishing the excavation by tomorrow. Here's the pic for today:

Basement excavation


  1. Your neighborhood looks so nice!

    1. Thanks Colette! I love your gorgeous home and envy your huuuuge lot. Once we finish construction, I certainly am going to adopt some of your project ideas and apply it to our ours.

  2. My heart is melting with that sunset! Woooo Hooooo! That's cool your PM will send you daily updates. Good communication with PM keeps the spazzing level down :) oh this is soooo exciting!